Friday, February 11, 2011

Learning....Dear Self

Why don't you listen?

Why are you seeking ME somewhere else?

I am...therefore, you ARE.

When I take the time to stop and listen to what my self is saying to me I find that it knows me much better than I realize.  When I write on the blog, I write from this self that is so wanting to be heard.  I don't prepare what I am going to write in advance, I just listen.

When I stop and listen, I realize that what I think about has truth in what I already know.   I know that this is not easy for some and misunderstood by a few.  We can attach all kinds of labels to this..prayer, meditation, time ever we decide to take the few minutes each day necessary to listen, we should.

This morning when I woke up I tried to remember what I had dreamed about, listen to what I felt and try to wrap my self around this new energy.  I felt peace and a calm spirit, as I do most mornings.  I did not immediately understand what I wanted to say in this entry, other than it started with Dear Self....

I know that I sometimes get too busy with my own ideas, and yet I always have a small inner voice guiding me, arguing with me and instructing me.  I am learning to listen to this "new self" more and more each day.  I find that I am more at ease, more accepting and understanding of who I am.  My self is a direct link to a higher power, whether you believe in God, Gods or divine energy, that acts like a phone line.  Why would I not want to trust me, when I know where the thoughts are coming from to begin with.

I believe that we need to stop or we will be unable to be taught.  We must listen or we will not learn. My own journey has been one of finding my new ears to listen to the awakened me.  I believe that we are given this guide to help us seek out good, make a difference and be the best that you can be.

Of course, I am not so simple to believe that everyone is and will have the best of thoughts and ideas. I do believe in attracting them though and having a say over what we introduce into our minds and thoughts.  I think this has a strong impact on our ability to follow, listen and act.

I don't succumb to the notion of a good and evil existence.  I think that we are all brought into this life as good and through good you can make great things happen.  It takes practice to change and to be positive.  I am always learning to listen.  I am enjoying this process of learning and listening.  With my own experience of tragedies, death, ill will, disappointment, longing...I find that these were lessons I needed to learn to become better.  I choose to accept all things in my life and learn from them.  I choose to change those things I don't like.  I choose to to be human, for I am here on earth having a human experience.

So, this morning when my self felt the need to remind me to stop and listen. I did.  I have a long ways to go and I am slowly learning.  I believe that we are teachable if we are willing to be taught, even if that teacher happens to be the still small voice within yourself...remember it has knowledge of your potential and it will help you in this life as it has in your ENTIRE existence.


  1. I just wanted to express my immense gratitude for taking the time out to share such beautiful and stirring insights. Your words truly resonated with my Spirit.



  2. Thank you so much for your kind words.

    Have a fantastic day, filled with love and joy!