Sunday, February 13, 2011

Learning...To See Again (Photography)

I don't see this world like many people do.  This at times has made for some interesting conversation, blown-up arguments and at times a "run" mentality.  I see things differently. I see things deeply.  I see things hurting.  I see things that are beautiful.  I see life surviving.

I am learning to see better.  I look for little things, little moments, little thoughts....little things that make my life feel huge, fulfilled and complete.  One of the ways that I am learning to do this is with my camera.

I have been taking pictures for 15 years.  I started when Rye was a baby and she turns 16 this month.  It's been a long road of learning, meeting people and honing my skill.  As soon as I learned something, then something new came on the market.  I felt like I would never learn it all and never see success.

I remember one day thinking to myself after purchasing one more piece of camera equipment, that I was done upgrading.  I was tired of trying to keep up with the latest and newest.  With this said, I have purchased several nicer lenses and few more lights for the food photography.  I have kept my bodies and really learned my camera.  Everyone can take a good picture set on "P" but it takes an eye, style and the "M" setting to make a great piece of art.  I have learned "how" to use my camera and not just "take" my camera with me.

I read so many books, looked at a lot of photography sites and talked to people from all aspects of the photographers market.  I realized the other day that I have spent a lot of my time trying to be "that" photographer or "this" photographer instead of being and letting my eye come forth.

Having this break from my business has ignited within me a desire for capturing images.  I have opened my eyes to everything around me.  I feel that before I was so focused on one area that I limited my creativity within a certain field.

I have loved food photography and this is where I feel my heart lies.  It blends several of my loves: cooking, pictures and dishes.  When we moved and sold everything this past summer the dishes and cook books that I got rid of was crazy.  People kept asking me why I had so many plates that did not match.  I had to laugh.  I do love my dishes and cookbooks and I know that some day  I will have the opportunity again to restock my cupboards.

I feel that I am actually seeing things in a new light.  I am enjoying the ride.  I am learning that there is only a perfect picture, if, it's exactly what you want the picture to say.  It's okay if it's blurred, tilted, over exposed, dark, etc.... If this is the look you are going for, then it is a PERFECT picture.

My idea of perfect has been changed from one look to many.  What is a perfect picture to me may not be one to you and this is okay.  I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if I think it's of worth, then  it will be.  The picture will bring me joy and through this others will learn and see the inspiration.

I am seeing that you have to put yourself out there if you want to be successful.  Not everyone is going to "grasp" what you were going for but it does help to have honest feed back from people that you respect and admire.  We are all teachers and learners at some point in our life.

I love photography and hope to have a long career in this field.  I am looking forward to having the chance to reinvent my style, my look and even my approach.  The time away is teaching me to be true to what I love to do and I feel that this will only help me to be more successful in life.

I encourage people to have fun with photography, take lots and lots of pictures.  Learn photoshop so that you can enhance your images.  You will need to know some type of processing program to achieve certain images.  Working with clients, they will expect the choice to change.  In the digital field, it is what it is.  I like to shoot natural light and natural images...but, not everybody wants this.  They may want flawless skin, to lose a little back fat or cut out Uncle so and so from the back ground.  It's the name of the game.

Shoot first for the love of it. See the world through your lens and have fun creating fantastic images.  It's a great hobby, an amazing job and an opportunity to be creative. I am lucky to call this field both: hobby and job.

I purposely used all pictures of Isabella so that you can see how one subject can be photographed and all the images can have a different feel, look and message.  Enjoy!

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