Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LIFE...Religion vs. Spirituality

Disclaimer: I don't enjoy writing about religion, I do love writing about being spiritual though.  With that said, I do sit and write what comes to my mind.  This is what came out this morning.  My hope is that this will be read with an open mind and that it will just stir a desire for everyone to seek what is important to them.  It is written with the hope that we can each explore and challenge our inner perspective and inner self.

I find it interesting that people that can speak, often spend their time proclaiming ideas or thoughts that bring other peoples beliefs and ideas down.  People that can express themselves positively, CHOOSE to focus on the negative energies of their existence.  Why must we be motivated by the traditions of our fathers?

It has been my experience that if you are religious that this does not make you automatically a spiritual being.  Often, it is easier to go through the motions, than to take a stand.  It's harder to be true to yourself then it is to conform to a crowd.  Seeking and desiring to have joyous and uplifting experiences is a hard place to find yourself in, if you are focused on what you don't have, what other's think, and spend your time judging others on their life's journey here on this earth.

I have read that it uses more muscles to smile than to frown, yet there are those that frown through this life. They frown upon all those that think differently than them.  They frown upon politics, religion, race, sexuality preferences...the list is endless.  It is often these same people that find life to be hard, challenging, or unfair.  Unfair?

I love this, is life suppose to be fair?  I personally think that we are here to meet our challenges face on and find the inner strength to make change, make a difference; not to criticize, tear down and judge.  Judging is such a self motivating feeling and desire.  No wonder we are asked to not judge.  I find this  in the topic or religion vs. spirituality.

I think that it is okay for us to have different beliefs among people.  I think it is healthy for generations to learn about past experiences of those that have walked this life before.  We should cherish our traditions of spirituality, but not enforce them upon those that do not believe the same.  I find that when we learn about others, we are more tolerant and understanding about their cause and belief.  We open up a line of communication to learn, to embrace and love.

Hypocrisy is not a flattering form of behavior. I feel that we will find this in most people.  I will not say that it is something that can be overcome by easy thinking.  It remains a truth; you must find it within yourself to be true to what you believe.  It has to be YOU that makes the change to start acting the way that you believe.

I love being a spiritual person.  I do not like being part of a religion.  This is my truth.  It is very limiting for ME, but I know that many are comfortable in this role, and for that I admire them.  I don't try to change them, or tell them they are going to hell (first of all, you have to believe in that to go there).  I love that we are all trying to find our place in this HUGE universe.

I know that my family will have challenges in this life.  I don't believe the cause of our challenges are due to any miss deed, a punishment mentality, or even the workings of a satan.  I believe life happens.  Simple and plain.  We attract into our lives that which we want to experience and enjoy.  If a person is constantly looking for evil or satan in all things, they will surely find him there.  If we want to be challenged with this life, those challenges will find you.  It is how we handle those challenges and our attitudes that get us to the other side.

I am a firm believer that our existence is eternal. We were before, we are now, and we will be forever.  This experience is but one small moment in the WHOLE picture.  My desire for my family is one of joy, peace and love.  These are the reason's we are here.  If this means that members of my family need this within an organized religion, then great...but, if it means that they are able to find spirituality within themselves, I am welcoming to that too.  It's a personal journey...religion vs. spirituality.  PERSONAL.

Our goals should be to be the best YOU, find your belief, love your family and neighbors.  Keep it simple.  Find quiet moments each day to listen.  Expect the best, look for the best and be the best YOU.

I am an individual with one opinion.  I do believe in the power of a higher Being, but I do think that it is possible to get caught up in the structure of religion, the traditions, and the culture.   I challenged myself a few years ago to find my spirituality while living my religion.  I found that the two did not mesh for ME.  Looking back, the experience was like walking through fire.  I had to lose the religion to gain the spirituality.  I am not saying this is for everyone.

I do believe that each of us must go through our own exam, so to speak, of our beliefs.  I do think that it is expected for us to change, if the change is necessary, for creating a better YOU. I don't have all the answers for this discussion. I only know what is right for me and that is what I am seeking.  I am trying to be a positive force and an example of love to my children.

I do wish for peace in this world. I do think it is possible to live with diversity.  I believe that we are all spiritual beings living a physical life . This life is challenging, I am trying to find my way like everyone else.

I am living this life so that I can learn, listen and act.  Enjoy!


  1. I enjoyed your post immensely Sherron. I agree wholeheartedly. Obstacles and challenges are the grist for our higher self mill, without them we cannot grow and prosper. Religion perhaps tries to add structure to something that maybe doesn't require it - living a life of compassion, truth and love.

    By approaching everyone with compassion (including ourselves) as opposed to tolerance which is limited (and presupposes a level of judgement that we are choosing to overlook), I think the act of compassion elevates all of humanity.

    Thank you for the great post Sherron!

  2. Sherri..

    Thank you for your comments. Your insight on living our lives is in tune with our families philosophy, compassion, truth and love. I love your thoughts on compassion and tolerance..thank you for sharing.

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. Sherron,

    I really enjoyed reading this. It touches on many things that I have thought or felt as well. We have to learn to accept and love people, including ourselves, as who they are not what we want them to be. Miss you.

    Make it an awesome day!


  4. Well said! While religion has its role in spiritual evolution in helping many find joy, peace, and happiness through spirituality, sometimes the dogma and/or social organization can stiffle the very spiritual growth it seeks to bring about. It all boils down to the individual finding out what is right for themselves. To your post, HERE HERE. Thanks for sharing.