Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Life...Inspiration Comes in Many Forms

Have you been inspired?  Inspiration is a feeling that I desire.  I think with a feeling of inspiration you can make things happen.  You can bring forth change.  It will increase your desire to listen to the small inklings in your life.

Sometimes I am inspired by a photo, a sunset, a person, a song, my kids, my faith, my family, my parents, my friends.  I am looking for inspiration, therefore I am able to find it all around me.  It doesn't matter where I live, who I know, how I live...inspiration is a gift that is freely given by this life.  Are you looking for it?

Will you accept it if it comes?  I can remember very clearly sitting in my back yard and listening.  To what, I don't know.....life.  The kids were playing...I heard laughter.  The wind was blowing...I heard the trees playing.  The sky was moving...I heard the joy in my world.  At this moment of inspiration I new that this is what I wanted.

I wanted my life to be simpler.  I did not want to run from activity to activity.  I wanted to be home with my kids.  I wanted to learn new things.  I yearned for things to slow down.  I new that this was not going to be an easy task to accomplish given what I was involved in with our community, church and work.

I did make a choice and I feel to this day that the inspiration for this choice came because I was listening and looking for something and when I acted upon the inspiration it changed my life.  Change is not always the motivation for inspiration though.  For me this one experience allowed me to open my eyes to a bigger picture of what life is about.

 Did I have it wrong from the very beginning?  Absolutely not.  I have learned that we have experiences in this life that teach us, create us and drive us.  When one door closes another opens.  I don't look at the events or choices in my life as wrong...I only see them as right, for me.  We take these moments and create within our lives a path.  Along this path we meet people, enjoy places and become inspired to be whole.

I know that without the inspiration of that one day that I would still be living my days trying to find peace.  I would still be trying to live up to someone else's expectation of what is true.  I would not be me, therefore I would not be allowed to reach my full potential of this life.

Staying true to yourselves is hard.  Living by fear is worse.  Look for what inspires you to be the best "YOU" possible and make things happen.  Learn to be the catalyst of inspiration to others by living a true life, a good life, a life full of openness and joy.  Those that seek inspiration will find it, and when you do, give it many rounds of thanks, hugs, love and kindness.

I only write what I know and feel.  I am not a scholar or professional.  I do know me, and what I feel comes from a deeper place that cannot be learned, I just know.  I am inspired by this inner knowledge and it's abilities to unfold as I sit down to write.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts.  I believe!

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