Tuesday, February 1, 2011

LEARNING...Paper, glue and Scissors= SO MUCH FUN!

Our family loves art.  We enjoy going to museums, art shows and farmer markets to see what creative things people are creating and thinking up.  We have tried through the years to expose our kids to lots of different types of art.  Rye is a fantastic artist with pencil and the computer, Drake creates a lot of 3D imaging with his computer and Isabella loves paper, glue and scissors.

Each day Isabella and I think of something for her to make out of these supplies.  We go to google, do a search on the item and then view the "images".  We don't always make exactly what we see but it does spur a lot of ideas and then we run with it.

Today it was all about hearts.  With good reason it is the first day of February.  We made this fun heart girl and she has spent the morning talking to it, singing to it and it has become her best friend today.  Such a great imagination!

This is what we started with...

...and after some consideration by Isabella, it definitely needed wings.  LOL

She was so happy with her art project.  This is also a great way to save the memory of the art but not necessarily the project itself.  I can't keep every piece because I don't have room to store.  We do display it for as long as she wants and then it finds a new home.

She was fascinated with rainbows for a whole week.  We made this by using little squares glued onto a large arc shape.  Cotton balls were used for the clouds.

Then a week of learning about stars and then frogs. We just learn about what she is interested in and she loves it.
This is Rye's art work.  These characters are Rye and Drake...she is amazing!

This is Rye and her friends as characters.  This is my favorite one that she has done.

This is Rye as her character.
This is how Rye's starts every project she does.  She will sketch it first on paper and then puts it onto her computer and digitally colors, enhances and creates it.  I love these hand drawn pieces of art sometimes better than the color.   This is a sketch of Drake falling off of the couch, it is side ways (sorry) but you get the idea.

This is Rye's friend Maddie.  If you send Rye requests she will turn you into a character.  It's pretty fun.

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