Thursday, February 24, 2011


I finally got a few minutes to post some pictures.  It is so nice being outside everyday.  We had rain this morning, but this afternoon we are bright and sunny.  We picked up Maggie yesterday and she is finally home with us..aka...our new truck!  Pictures to come soon.

This is the bed we added.  It is set on top of square risers.  It added enough room that the kids each have their own drawer with clothes. Plus behind the clothes we were able to store excess toys, winter clothes, etc...

This is the little table I added to the bedroom.  It has 4 drawers and works perfectly.

Will travel?...must have bikes.  When we go places, people seem to nick name us the "bike  family".   We love the cart.  It hauls our laundry, store items and, of course, Isabella and her scooter.

There are birds everywhere. I thought this was a cool picture with the tree and black birds dark against the blue and white sky.

Our set up...

Our cat, trying to settle back into the trailer routine.  FYI, we handle the litter box by putting it inside the very large dog carrier that we have.  He goes in the crate 3 times a day for about 20 minutes.  We have not had any accidents. We also walk him with a harness and leash.  Yes, he does like it and he understands that it is his only way to get outside.  LoL

I am not sure if this is a goose or a duck.  But she is very sweet and does not fly well. 

Feeding frenzy.  The lady across the street feeds the ducks every day and they know it!  They walk up to her site daily at the same time.

Isabella was not afraid of the ducks.  She and I turned around and the ducks all took off at the same time, I screamed and she was laughing.  It sounded like being inside a tornado...LOL

Here are the ducks going up to the the duck lady...they stay in this nice line.

Despite the water being cold, she could not resist the opportunity to stomp around.

She did find a few shells.  This made her day.  Simple pleasures are daily doses of sunshine.

Movie night...Gnomeo and Juliette.

Honestly, does it get better than this when you are 4.  Playing outside with the ponies.  She is in heaven .

Running to the lake...she has this huge field to run around and she loves it.

Last picture of the kids at the hotel.  I love the fact that my kids want to be together and include Isabella.  This made me happy to see them all laughing together.

Movie night..Gnomeo and Juliette

Our kitchen, it's a little crowded at the moment.  We had a lot more room in the hotel .  It will take us a few days to eat the excess food.

The main living area of our trailer.  Cory and Rye work at the table and Drake has his computer set up where a TV would normally go.  We don't have TV.  We use Hulu, Netflixs and Veoh to watch our shows.

This is looking out my front door to the left.  There is a huge marina, apparently this lake is quite large.

Isabella loves olives.

Lots of seagulls.  They are constantly vying for these two poles.  They attack each other all day long just to sit a few moments on top.  Must be nice to be king.

I liked this picture.

The sunsets are very pretty here too.

More trees...I love the spidery effect of the tree with no leaves.

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