Monday, February 21, 2011

LIVING...Moving Back into the Trailer

WOW, it's been a wild week.  We started off last Saturday with our truck dying.  Not just a minor problem...a $6000.000 dollar PROBLEM....Yeah, right...that money tree took the winter off and we decided to buy a new truck.  If we were going to put that much money into a truck that might not work so great next month...we had to do something different.

We found a diesel, 1993 Ford....white with red interior.  We like to say "she" is vintage.  Rye is dying.  It's hard to be 16 and constantly embarrassed by your parents and what they drive.  LOL  Honestly thought, it was in our price range and that is what matters.  We do not like having a car payment and this is a great deal for cash...great price!

We get this truck tomorrow.  Why the wait, the dealership still does not have our truck put back together.  We are frustrated, but's life and we just go with the flow.  We rented a car.  We also rented a truck today to move the trailer.  We were successful in moving the trailer, unloading the hotel room and getting set up.  We have named her Maggie...she is awesome!  I will post pictures soon...

We also made some changes to our trailer.  I have been inspired by seeing other full time families modify their homes.  We were trying to keep it as is, for resale value...YAY right again...This is our home, we had to make it comfortable for all.  When we bought our trailer we had looked at several with bunk beds, but they were always out of our price range.....yep, paying cash again....  anyways....I love our trailer but the sleeping arrangements SUCK.  SO, we took out our two chairs and table and put a bed with two mattresses for the teenagers to sleep.  We raised the bed and added a ton of storage.  The kids will pull one mattress onto the floor and in the morning we will stack the blankets and it doubles as seating too.  I will post pictures soon.... You have to learn to be creative. We love IKEA, finally.  It was a love/hate relationship before.  We have learned that there is a place for IKEA in this world...LOL

I also bought a stand (for the MAC) to sit on and it has 4 drawers.  This was a huge life saver.  It's a bit in the way of my side of the bed, but I am okay with this.  I also don't have to lift the bed every time I want something.

We had a few surprises in the trailer...the refrigerator was covered in mold...I about died. It is clean now.  Thanks to Cory.  My gag response was on hyper drive.  I cleaned the frig in the hotel.  Fair trade?  Probably not, that's why I love complaints.

We love our new spot.  We are right on the lake, with a beautiful view.  The camp ground was half price for February.  We also got a TACO discount.  It's free and it will save you 15%.  Keep this in mind if you are in Texas.  We were greeted by a ton of ducks and birds.  Now this might be a burden when we eat dinner outside, we shall see.

Tomorrow I will have to organize more.  We will set the tent up, this acts as our toy room for Isabella.  We all love it.  Not all of the camps let us put a tent up, but this one had no problem.

This week has been filled with lots of decisions.  I am so glad that the truck had it's problems now and not while we are driving to Washington DC.  With every challenge, we were able to find a solution that was awesome.

We love our traveling life.  We know that we will encounter these types of things so it's not so traumatic when it happens and when it does we just deal with it.  We are enjoying our journey and not necessarily stressed about reaching our destination.  It always works out!  We believe in good things, have positive thoughts and listen to the small voices.


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