Monday, February 7, 2011

Life...A Defining Moment

I wrote an entry yesterday that included the word: defining.  I can't really stop thinking about the word.  It's a word that resinates within me a feeling of rejuvenation, a need to make my existence whole and complete.

Many walk this life with a less than noble existence.  Striving for a moment to change, an event to uplift or even a person to be their guide.  Searching for the one thing that will take them to the next level of this life, yearning for superiority in hopes of maybe discovering love, finding happiness or seeing joy.  Is this how it becomes our defining moment...with a search, a yearning feeling...a discovery?

Defining moments in our life are accepted and embraced.  If we open ourselves up to the opportunity  of love, of being spiritual, or quieting our minds, of giving thanks...we won't miss our "moment".

I remember a day, 2 summers ago, that I returned from a week long event.  I had experiences that ranged from laughter to sadness.  I remember returning and feeling that if this is what I am suppose to believe our universe is about, then it is not right for me.  I listened, I heard and I acted.  Since then I look back and have recognized that this was a defining moment for me.

It opened my heart up to new understandings; it enlightened my spirit and soul.  Since then I have learned to generate an energy from within me that yearns for the happiness that I know that this existence can offer.  I feel in such a way about life, that at times there are not words to express it without sounding child like.

These words include: joy, love, acceptance, gratitude, charity, kindness.....blessed beyond words.

I say childlike because this is where people start.  As I travel, I see children from all walks of life.  We go to lots of parks and play centers.  I see their laughter, their eagerness to enjoy life, the simple ways they can take the hand of another child and just be. In that moment, in that 20 minutes that they have to be friends....that is their world.  They stay present, they engage their behavior with those around them.

Childlikeness is a gift.  An opportunity for us to have defining moments, to love and to be complete.  This world is harsh if that is what we are seeking.  This life can be challenging if that is what we think it is.  Love can elude us if we believe it to be hiding.  Acceptance is life changing.  A child is very accepting.

We, You, ME can create wonderful actions to happen in this world if you are willing to define yourself, tune your spirit and stay present long enough to enjoy what you do have and not seek, wish or hope your life away.

Enjoy every moment, enjoy your families, be to all my friends and family. Without you I would have missed out on some very important defining moments in my life.

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