Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Family Ties

I can't think of anything stronger than the bond within a family.    The past few weeks has given me a chance to reconnect with my cousins, sisters and friends.  This experience has been amazing and I love my family more than ever. 

We all lost our grandmother on November 4th due to some complications from surgery.  In the wake of all the sadness we were able to focus on her life, her memory and her love for each of us.  The saddest moment had to have been when we needed to confirm the decision to take her off of the breathing apparatus. I hope that this decision is a once in a life time choice to make.  My Mom was able to let my grandmother pass to the other side in peace and comfort and to be with her two sons and our grandfather.  I believe that she is not alone and is finally able to feel the relief from pain and to feel peace.  The hospital gave my Mom a beautiful yellow and blue quilt to remember Nan by.  It could not have been a better pick with Nan in mind....she would have loved it!

Through this process of grief, my family has been able to reunite and reconnect with each other.  I sometimes cannot believe how fast time flies.  It seemed to me that one day we are kids playing hide and seek and the next we are spouses, parents and adults. I think that Nan would have been so happy with the family coming together.  Her funeral was simple, yet we tried to make sure that the things she felt were important or meaningful to her were honored.  I loved having the bagpiper at the graveside.  Nan was from England and she would often times comment on how much she loved the bagpipes of Scotland.  I am glad that we were able to have them for her. 

Along with the funeral, we were able to have some memorable moments together.  We played bingo on Fridays, danced, played shuffle board, pool and just spent time together.  I am so grateful to Cory and the kids that they were able to function while I was away. They moved to Dallas a day before I returned home and had things pretty much set up and ready to go....thank you!!  I crashed  on Monday and today I feel life returning.  I slept very little, maybe 4-5 hours a night...we just could not waste anytime sleeping!

We will be in Dallas until April.  We are excited to be in a big city again and especially through the holidays.  I am excited to start decorating for Christmas.  We will be living at the Marriott. We have a beautiful suite with a full kitchen and two bathrooms.  The kids are in heaven and I have to be honest that I am not missing the trailer much at the moment...change and having a break will be nice for us. 

Shani, Shannon and I at the casino, Grand Rond.
Loni and her daughter, Madi...so cute!

We spent a lot of time on Tuesday and Wednesday waiting for the doctors to help Nan.  Being in ICU we were not all allowed to go back at first.  This is probably one of the first pictures we have had together in a long time.  Back Row: Shauna, Chuck, Leslie, Jason, Josh, Shannon, Loni. Middle Row: Sherron, Shani and Heidi.  Sitting in front: Madi

Playing bingo together: Shannon, Josh, Sherron, Shani and Shane

After the funeral, we met at a pizza place in Molalla for a small luncheon.  Some of Nan's friends were not able to go to the graveside service and this allowed them closer and a chance to offer condolences to our family. 

Shani, Sherron, shannon and Heidi...Hello Kitty is Isabella's favorite and I thought she would enjoy this picture.

Burler, Shannon, Sherron, Mom and Shani before heading to the hospital on Tuesday.

Nan was carried from the hearse to the service by her son-n-law and grandson's (in laws included).

Nan's favorite color was blue.   The flowers were some of her favorites and the florist added some birds to the arrangement.  Nan loved birds and flowers.

This is the quilt the hospital donated to Mom.  We put together a small memorial of things that were important to Nan.

This is Ogden and he played the bagpipes while Nan was removed  and returned to the hearse.  While the hearse was driving away he followed Nan.  It was so beautiful with the trees, yellow leaves and the sun shining. 

This was on Thursday, the day Nan passed away.  Afterwards we all went to dinner. 

Mom and Hello Kitty.

Sorry Pat, I did not have another picture of the two of you..LOL  Heidi and Pat Ross

Leslie and Jason Land

Josh Land and his fiance Keli.

Loni and Josh Land

Burler and Mom

Shani turned 40 while we were there and that is the night we went to the casino.

Shannon shooting some pool.

Shannon at the casino..we actually one 160.00 on our first machine, spent 26.00.

Shannon and Mike

Cute picture of Shannon and Shani.

Sherron, Shannon and Shani

Shauna and Chuck Wick
This is short, but I have a lot of pictures to post....enjoy and have a great day!