Friday, January 28, 2011

LIVING...Why I like the hotel, but miss my trailer.

Living in a hotel has it's ups and downs.  I can honestly say that I miss living in the trailer.  When I got my scrapbook today it reminded me of the reason's we chose to live on the road and why we picked the trailer that we did.

Some of the things that I miss the most are the feelings that everything around you is yours.  I constantly worry about the furniture, beds, carpet, walls and such with the kids and pets.  Especially since we are staying in the same place for a while.  I am sure they deal with this and since we are staying at a place that has extended stay suites they know how to "fix" the flaws of a room for the next guest.  With that said, I still worry about it and hope to leave here with very few items to "fix".  After all we are paying through the nose to stay here and we should be allowed some allowances....Right?  

I miss the people!  Oh my heck (that's Utahineese) do I ever!  Living in a hotel we stay to our rooms pretty much or we use the back door to go across the street to the park.  We use the back door to get to the car.  The only time I use the front door is when we go out with Isabella.  She insists riding down in the "alligator" ( I just don't have the heart to tell her its an's so dang cute...I will though.  She will not graduate from high school thinking that they are alligators, I have time.)  We might see a few of the same faces and families but not too many.  They have a dinner (snack) every night that if you are brave enough to eat the food you might meet someone.  If your husband travels and is overweight, let me say just one word...Sysco.  The food they serve these guys is junk!  I see them eat it every night.  I tried to eat a few things...salad and the meatballs.  They just don't taste good at all.  Thank goodness I have a full kitchen and I cook almost every night.  I got side tracked for a minute...sorry, stay on topic.....anyways, people are hard to meet in the hotel.  I am sure if we are here when the pool is open that may change.  

I miss the state parks, riding my bike,  the beach, sitting outside under the stars, I miss my canopy with it's cool lights and decorations.  I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that we need to embrace all of our opportunities.  I have spent a few minutes whining about what I miss but let me tell you what I love.

I know that most of you are thinking I will say housekeeping.  I do find this service helpful, at times it's embarrassing.  I like to be away when the ladies come and change the beds and do the bathrooms.  I try to clean the kitchen and dust.  The other things I can't do because I don't have sheets for the bed, vacuum cleaner or all of the cleaning supplies for the bathroom.  I have them come twice a week and always try to have things ready to go..sheets pulled off the bed, towels in a pile and floors cleared to vacuum.  They are wonderful ladies that don't speak much english.  I wish they did so that I could communicate my appreciation to them outside of a smile and nod of the head.

I love that when you need something here it's always done with a smile.  I had to have the dishwasher replaced last week and the guys were great about it.  So helpful!  I love that the buying of the dishwasher was done by Marriott and not by the Watson Fund.  LOL  

I like having a full size oven and fridge.  Not having to go to the store everyday for ice or every third day for basics is very nice.  We did learn to adapt, but in this case, bigger is better.  Especially since I try to cook most of our meals.  We do eat out about once a week for date night, but the kids still need to eat dinner.

I almost forgot.  The treadmill and free weights.  That is very nice to have at our fingertips.  Some of the places that we have stayed at in the past did have some of this, but very few.  I like being able to exercise every day.  Yes, I can walk outside but I am a baby and can't stand the cold. I am a warm weather kind of gal. 

So, those are a few things that I like about living here in the hotel and miss by not living in the trailer. 

 The other day I bought some yellow cups. In the suite they give you 4 of everything.  Well, first of all we are a family of five.  So we are already running short but with the cups it was never ending.  We never had any glasses.  Keep in mind that we had 4 mugs, 4 glasses and 4 wine glasses.  So there should be plenty for the day.  While I was at Target the other day I picked up some cheap yellow plastic cups.  I thought to myself that this should solve the problem.  Guess what, it's not a shortage of cups or glasses at's a lack of reusing the same glass and getting them into the dishwasher.  I will have to work on this better or I may end up with a whole room of dirty cups and no clean cups for my next drink.

Enjoy the chat, have a great day!

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  1. That cup battle happens with us right now LOL and we have at least 2 dozen and only 3 people! We are not on the road yet (hoping to make the transition within the year).