Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Now what am I suppose to do?

Today has been an interesting day.  Our last estate sale is this week and we've had to get everything out to the garage and ready to sell.  This included all electronic devices.  As hard as Cory has tried to hook-up the trailer with every electronic device we own, we still had left over equipment.  We are moving from a 4000 square foot home to a 100 square foot trailer...Yes, we still have the same amount of computers.  I have my Mac, for work of course.  Drake and Rye each have a lap top.  We have Cory's equipment,  plus a set up in the main area.  I joke that our trailer will be glowing as we drive down the road...I am starting to think it may not be a joke anymore. 

With the breaking down of our entertainment system, the kids are forced to figure out what to do.  I love it!  Rye is reading and drawing even more and Drake is revisiting his interest in magic tricks.  The interaction between the kids has slowly returned.  For so long we have each gone to our corners and tuned in to the computer and tuned out the interactions of our family.  I have wanted this to change for a very long time and it looks like it is. 

I read somewhere recently about a family that has already started living the life of a full time RV family and they look at their trailer as their bedroom and the rest of the world as their home.  We will learn to love the outdoors, I hope.  I took the kids to the lake yesterday and it was so peaceful.  I love being outdoors.  I want my kids to understand that they should always respect what has been so beautifully made for them, to learn from nature and to find the joy of experiencing and exploring this planet.  We cannot do this from behind a monitor or TV screen. 

I am just as guilty about over doing the computer at times too.  Living in a place where the winter is so long, I have gotten use to spending way too much time plugged in.  I am hoping that I can also become more in tune with my surroundings.  As much as I love to glance through coffee table books that show case some of the most amazing places in the world, I want to be the one taking the pictures and seeing for myself.  Call me greedy...but, I learn best by reading, touching and appreciating things up close.

I wish I could report on our first destination, but this has not been decided yet.  I am not sure when we will know.  Cory has taken the last week of July as vacation and this will be when we set off and venture up or down.    Up to family and down to Texas.  Texas because Cory has several weeks worth of work in several towns.  We do know that we don't want to be cold in the winter months, which should make for an interesting Christmas season.

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  1. Hi, I found your site from FOTR (I know this was a WHILE ago) but I wanted to say that this post sums up exactly why my husband and I plan on doing the same thing with our 3 kids. We have a 31' 1990 Barth waiting patiently at my parents' house for us until summer. I haven't had the time to read through your entire blog, just the beginning parts, but I was wondering how it worked out for you and if you could do things differently what would it be? I'd love any advice. You can email me privately at hlbanks(at)gmail(dot)com.