Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sick Kiddos/packing the trailer

Wow today took forever to pass by!  Rye has the stomach flu and Isabella has a fever.  This is bad enough at home, but now I am envisioning it in a very small place.  Our life will be full of surprises that is for sure!  I am just praying that Drake and I can escape the "flu" bug.  I have been busy putting things in the trailer.  It's so hard to decide what you should take.  In our home we have so many things that are "wants" and things that are "needs".  Trying to decide on the needs is easy: kitchen, clothes, bedding, etc... but the wants are harder.  I want to scrapbook, quilt, play my flute, make jewelry, etc..I just can't take everything with me.  I have limited the kids each to a small tub and so I am trying to do the same thing.  It is amazing how much a person can live without once they put their minds to it.  I have sorted and resorted the rooms too many times to count.  I wish I had a magic wand...LOL  I can't even think about the holiday stuff.  We do not have any where to store that kind of extra stuff.  At Christmas we will have to decorate something small.  I think that we will try to have some of the same traditions and experience just with a different twist.  Change is such an amazing booster.  I wonder how many people who are in a rut, would try to change a few things, and find their lives to be re-energized again.

We are blessed and our life is good!

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