Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lightening and Thunder

Last night was awesome!  Cory and I slept in the trailer and we had an amazing storm in the valley.  We could hear it coming our way and slowly the wind picked up and the tiny droplets of rain fell against the siding.  We opened the windows to enjoy the cool night breeze and the rustling in the trees above our heads.  Within about 10 minutes the rain was a down pour and the noise outside was tremendous.  At one point the whole trailer was  so bright that for a split second you were literally "blinded by the light"; and the noise was could feel the ground shaking and rumbling.  I love being in the elements.  OH the smell of fresh's indescribable how clean and refreshing it feels when inhaled.

Wind makes me feel alive.  Ever since I have seen the movie, Chocolat, I have a fictional understanding that wind brings change and it can definitely be felt in the air.  Wind gives me the feeling of being alive, being free and the longing to throw my arms in the air and run through large fields of flowers.  Yes, I am corny..but to feel such exhilaration and carefree is refreshing.  So many people despise wind.  I remember reading a comment by Erma Bombeck that said if she could relive her life again, she would roll the window down in her car more and let the wind rustle through her hair.  I have held on to this, because life is too short to not enjoy the wonder's made possible by our creator.  In SLC, where air quality is a huge factor, wind is what helps us to have clear days.  It comes in a blows all of the stale, thick air out and leaves behind freshness.  

With one storm under our belt  I think we will not be swept or washed away anytime soon.  We will not be renaming the trailer the "Titanic" or the "Ark" , thank goodness!!  But, we do need to think of a name for our new home.  Ole Blue will not work.  Rye enjoys naming things, so I am sure she can come up with something appropriate.

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