Sunday, July 25, 2010

The best send off...sharing it with the Trommlitz family.

Sherron and Gina

We have known  Ken and Gina for over 15 years.  Rye and Rachel were just wee babies when we met back in Mommath, OR....(are you girls feeling really old yet?...LOL)  Our friendship has remained strong through the years.  Many times Ken and Gina have been great sounding boards and a fantastic support system for Cory and I.  We are so appreciative of their family and of them as a couple.  Their examples have been numerous and we are grateful for their family in our lives.  Friends like these are priceless!!

I am positive that as we leave Utah we will make new friends, but the friends that have stayed close to us will remain in our hearts daily.  We want to hear from our friends as often as possible but we know that our  lives are busy.  The same holds true for us, but I will try to make every effort to stay in touch with everyone through email, texting, facebook and this blog.  We are so fortunate to have so many ways of communicating with friends and family.  We are blessed to have this technology.

Ken and Gina Trommlitz
We are having a great time and enjoying the outdoors.  The stars and moon are so beautiful.  Last night walking back from the shower I commented to Cory that we didn't have this view at home walking the 6 feet from our shower to the bedroom.  We were both enjoying the moment.  It's the little things that are and will make this experience one that we will not forget soon.

Rachel, Ken,Gina, Elizabeth, Adam, Tyler and Isabella had to be in the picture.

Cory bought these huge marshmallows.  The kids loved them!

Rye and Rachel...friends forever.                

Not the best picture of us...We had been working all day at the old house.

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