Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pictures FINALLY!

The outside, it's about 30 feet long.  We love the 2 doors, one for the main room and then the second is to our bedroom.

Looking inside from the front door, left side view.

Yes, the moment hast arrived.  I found a few minutes yesterday to take the photos and a few minutes today to post them.   I had visitors yesterday and the RV was clean and organized so it was a perfect time to take the pictures.  Tonight we are hoping to get a picture of our family in front of the trailer.   We finished up the cleaning at the house this afternoon around 3, so we are officially done and on vacation...Hallelujah!  This is short, but who needs words when a picture is worth a 1000,  right? Well, that is what I am going with...ha ha ha .

It does not matter where you are, if your a princess...then you are always a princess!  Can the crown get any bigger?

I love the kitchen, it's big for an RV!   

Looking right from the door.  Our bedroom and bathroom.  We are storing the extra blankets until we hit the warmer weather.  When we get to TX, all of the down comforters will go into a big vacuum sealed bag and stowed away.


  1. OK, the inside looks totally HUGE for an RV! Right on! Enjoy, and keep taking and posting pictures. I'm going to totally live vicariously though the Watsons, hope you don't mind, LOL! Please, if you travel anywhere near our neck of the woods, PLEASE visit!

  2. Very nice! I am with Carrie on this. =) Have fun!