Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Final week before we hit the road!

We are down to the wire.  The house is almost empty of all of our possessions.  Today and tomorrow we are having our final estate sale.  It's going along rather well.  It's amazing to me how many of the same people that came last month are our customers for round two.  It's basically the same stuff with a few kitchen items thrown in.  While people are here visiting and buying they are all saying the sames things:

1.  "I really don't need this stuff, but oh well, it's a good deal."
2.  "This is the last thing I need, but I might need it someday."
3.  "Is that the lowest you will take for that?"
4.  "Can I write you a check?"

5.  "This will probably end up in my sale next year."

 I do enjoy visiting with people.  It's fun to talk about out future plans and how excited people get when we explain our plan to them.  I think there are many souls out there that would love to do what we are doing but life holds them back; or maybe it's fear.

Having light conversations with complete strangers is refreshing.   Sometimes I find myself in conversations that turn to deeper subjects, and that for me, is always stimulating and challenging.  I love hearing other people's ideas and thoughts.  For me, this is an enlightening process that reminds me that we are all different and carry different views around in our heads and hearts.   Diversity is what helps us to be less judgmental and accepting.  The less we know about something or someone the easier we find faults or judgments against them.  It's when we listen and learn from them that we can truly understand their views, lifestyles, religious choices , etc....  This is something that I am looking forward to as we travel and visit with the cultures of the United States. Yes i did say that, we as Americans, do have a little bit of culture left in us.  As we have traveled around we have seen this in small degrees.   My desire is to learn more of this. I want our family to experience their foods, festivities, traditions, religious views, etc...

Besides the yard sale we are busy packing the last of the stuff to put into storage, cleaning the house and garage, yard work, getting the kids their passports, finalizing our destination plans, going to Lagoon, and the list is never ending...until next Friday that is.

Next Friday I have reserved us 4 days at a local camp ground on the lake.  This should be fun.  I am hoping that it gives us a few days to really be living in our trailer yet still be close to home if something goes awry or astray...(cat and dog).  Cory will be gone this week and will return Friday morning to an exhausted wife, full trailer and kids that are ready to start!

We can't wait to start our new lifestyle and get things going with our adventure.  My next challenge will be to keep us busy, start school and stay physically fit and mentally sane.

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