Thursday, July 22, 2010

Today is the day!

Our departure date from the house is 3pm.  I sure hope we get everything done before then, with the house that is.  I am down to one more room to clean and 3 rooms to mop.  YAY!  We will come back tonight to spray out the garage and sweep the basement when it is cooler.  We are having a very warm summer.  Fortunately for those of us in the mountains, we get the cooler evenings.  The nights are wonderful in Midway.

It's hard to believe but all of our stuff fit and we still have room to spare.  I was worried yesterday as we started loading the kitchen that we would not have enough room, but we do.  I have said this before but it all boils down to necessity over wants.  I am sure as we travel we will pick up a few things here and there but the excessive buying and furnishing will stop.  We still joke that this is temporary, but no one knows what our futures hold.

Rye and Drake were both able to have final sleepovers last night with their friends.  I am sure today they will be blurry-eyed and extremely tired but we will have a week to recover from the last 4 months.  I feel like I have run out of time but in all honesty I don't think I could have done this much longer.  I am exhausted.  The good news is that I don't have to drive to a new home and unload it's all gone!  The joys of being mobile are going to out way the ball and chain we have had with our home.  Don't get me wrong, we have loved our home.  We have had some amazing family experiences and fun with family and friends but the constant maintenance and cleaning is not conducive to our family  right now.  With Cory being gone most of the week, it's too much for one Mom to take care of.

I loved my yard, but dreaded the mowing, weeding and watering.  I loved my house, but hated the cleaning, maintenance and general upkeep.  Cory and I both decided that this is not how we want to spend the next 20 years of our lives.  If we are going to be working, we want to use that energy to help people and communities as we travel. We want our kids to understand that serving and giving are two very important aspects of the American dream too.

I have met some amazing people already and we have not even left the valley.  I went to the laundry mat and met two different couples that are full time RVers and it made me so excited.  We had an instant bond because of the life style we had all chosen.  I cannot wait to visit and learn about the people that are making up this "society on wheels".  I am learning that we come from all walks of life, educational backgrounds, religious beliefs, political beliefs, work histories and so on.  My appreciation for diversity is already growing leaps and bounds.

The one thing I am so grateful for is that we did not wait to do this until we retire.  The retired people we have met all have the same story.  You never know who will get sick or die if you wait.  This is so true.  We don't know and why wait.  We have the means, the desire and the health to follow our dream.  Don't let life pass you buy living in the future.  Live now and stay present.  Once you make the decision to move forward with your goal or desire, life has a way of working its self out.  The other thing we learned is having multiple plans is okay.  Just because one plan did not work, doesn't mean all is lost.  We have tried to stay open minded through all of this and it has been a huge blessing to be able to let go and stay flexible.  I have found that sometimes what I want is not necessarily what I need to complete my journey in this life.  There are those two words again!!..LOL


  1. Can't wait to see how it goes! Be safe and take care!!!!! Tanji

  2. oh my goodness, here you go!
    Thanks for starting the blog to keep us all on the edge of our seats as to what you are up to. ENJOY!!

  3. WOW, you are all making me jealous! Enjoy every minute, even when cabin fever sets in. I can't imagine how much you will all grow as a family, and the kids will have some seriously GREAT memories. Kudos to you for following a dream!

  4. We too are travelers just staring out. We're getting our RV within the next 2 weeks and trying to live a simple life without consumption, traveling for work and serving as we go. I can't wait as I sit here and look at all the stuff I have to do!