Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas morning!

We had the best Christmas this morning.  The kids were all very happy with their gifts.  I think they were a bit surprised with what they got.  The rest of the day will be spent relaxing, playing, eating and sleeping.  We were up way too early....5:30!  Drake has not slept all night...this should be fun around 5pm tonight when he hits the wall from fatigue.

I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Isabella got a ton of Hello Kitty stuff from her aunts and grandma.  She loves it all, especially the lip gloss and nail polish.

Someone was very excited last night.

Isabella asked Santa for a Rapunzel doll and she spent the morning brushing her hair.

Isabella and her Rapunzel doll.

Christmas Eve...everyone was counting down the minutes until bedtime, except Drake never went to bed...HMMM.

Grandma Bonny got Isabella this cute purple apron. She loves to help in the kitchen.


Drake getting his basketball.

Drake loves chickens, why? I don't know.  I found this egg and when you throw it against something it splats.  Kind of cool, it looks like a fried egg on the wall.

Drake and Mom

I was inspired to dress up this Christmas from the Radio Shack commercials.  I couldn't find a great super hero costume so I surprised the family this morning by being an elf and bringing the christmas spirit to our home.  I had fun!

Isabella got me this butterfly necklace and earrings. looks like everyone just got up...LOL

Not sure about this picture, other than it shows my glittery eyelashes really well.

We are having a blast with the Xbox 360...the kinnects is awesome.  You get quite the workout too.  My family is great!

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