Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pictures and more pictures

This is all pictures with captions.  Most of them are of Isabella because I am taking each of the kids pictures individually and she was the first.  Rye and Drake will be done this week.
So, stay tune!!

This is the snow they brought to the park a few weeks back.  Isabella had a ton of fun, in fact she wants to go again,unfortunately the snow melted very fast.

Along with the snow, they had a train for the kids to ride.  This neighborhood brought out all the stops for their Christmas get together.

I love natural light...I think it captures the innocence of a child.

You have to see her hair in this picture to appreciate it in her Christmas pictures...LOL

She is very proud of the fact that she can touch her tongue to her nose.

The kids early one morning.


I love those dark chocolate eyes!

This was Isabella's idea for a great picture...she is playing possum .  It must be a Christmas possum..LOL

After about an hour of taking pictures we came back upstairs and this is one of my favorites...random snap shot.

This picture is very dramatic.  As a Mom I think it has taken my sweet baby girl and transformed her into a much older child; but as a photographer...these are the images you hope to capture and pray to shoot. The eyes tell a story all on their own...amazing!! 

SOMEONE painted a mustache on Drake while he slept...I wonder who that was?  HE HE HE

Priceless....out of so many pictures this is one of my favorite!!!


......AFTER...Rye got her hair cut. sweet girl, Ryekins!!


  1. I love that you have Shinedown on your playlist. Very cool.

  2. Our family are Shinedown fools..we love that group!!!

  3. ...or maybe we are just fools...the verdict is still out...LOL