Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Life in Dallas

Rye Drake and Isabella on Thanksgiving Day
There is not much to say about Dallas...YET!!  We have only been here a few weeks and with the Thanksgiving week behind us we might actually be able to hunker down and find a few things to do.  This Saturday I am hoping that we can venture over to Ft. Worth and see the Stock yards, cattle drive and do the "cowboy" thing.  After all isn't that what Texas is all about? besides the fantastic mall in Frisco, sports crazy fans and every type of BBQ you can imagine!  YEE HAA

We used the timer on my camera and snatched a pic of the family.
Our Thanksgiving Day was wonderful.  I made a traditional dinner with a few extra dishes like pea salad (for Drake), orange delight (for me), chocolate roll (for me), bought egg nog (for me)...OKAY, so I indulged my own wants for the holiday....LOL  Food and I have a strange relationship but oh how I love thee; and there lies the problem.  I bought a fun game called Life's a Pitch.  It is very similar to Apples to Apples, other than when playing a card from your hand you must give a "pitch" as to why you chose your card for the particular situation.  I thought it was pretty fun and a game that works well with a large group and most kids above 10 years old.  The rest of our day was spent reading, hanging out and of course eating left overs.  YUM

Cory and I before taking Isabella to see Tangled.

Our Black Friday adventure was thwarted by our truck needing an overhaul on the radiator.  YEP, again.  This time it cost a meager 1300.00 smackerals!  OUCH I think this was the first time I had not gone out and shopped.  I usually don't buy much on this day because the lines are so long, but I do enjoy being out with all of the other shoppers and feeling the joy, excitement and thrill of the holiday season starting.  Fortunately they were able to get the truck finished that night and we went out on Saturday for Cory's birthday.

This was Cory's card from the kids.  It basically is a sign to hold up on the side of the road if you are lost. I think they were trying to tell him something.  LOL

I absolutely cannot believe that Cory is 44 years old. It's a good thing his wife is 29 (wink, wink) so that he retains some of his youthfulness.  LOL  It seems like yesterday we were in our early 20's.  Drake and Cory went and saw the Harry Potter movie and Rye, Isabella and I went to the mall.  That night Cory and I went out and had a great dinner.  I love that we are still such good friends and love to be in each other's company.  We are almost 23 years into this marriage and it seems like just yesterday we were married and starting our life together.
Isabella eating MY chocolate roll...just kidding, it was for everyone.

Isabella was able to see Santa Claus on Saturday.  It was very short and to the point...she does not mess around with her wish list.  Basically it's all about the Tangled movie (which was wonderful).  SO, this Santa (me) has had to go and get something else to meet the needs of her wish list.  I really thought she would change her mind and the evil parent I am, actually tried to convince her that she should ask for a doll house from Santa...I DON'T THINK SO!!!  Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Rapunzel.....Yeah, I think I got the message SANTA.  Thanks!  

Santa and Isabella

Isabella and Rye before seeing Santa 

Drake Isabella and me putting the tree up.
Rye Isabella and I decorating the tree.
We were able to put the tree up on Monday.  It's so cute!  This Christmas will be different in so many ways, but mostly the set-up and take down time will be nothing compared to years past.  I think my family will appreciate not carrying all of the tubs up and down the stairs like in years past.  I do have to say the neighbors around here are psycho about decorations.  The yards are filled with every toy, light and do dad possible.  I'm just sayin',  that Texans do things off the charts compared to some places we have been.  It's an all or nothing state....hmmmmmm, maybe that is why I like it here...LOL

December is here and it looks like we might have some cooler temperatures over the next few days and then back up to 70....I love 70 in December!  The kids miss the snow, but I am not.  It so nice to be able to wear flip flops all year round.  It's these little things that keep me happy and sane.  Sunshine is a little dose of Heavenly Father it helps us to remember all things bright and beautiful.

We had to put the trailer in a storage facility while we are staying at the Marriott.  This was a sad day for me. I love the trailer and we have had some amazing memories in it.  When we leave Dallas we will stay in the trailer again while we are in between assignments, but I miss staying at the parks,  being outside is an amazing experience.  I also miss riding my bike on the trails.  I guess there is a time and season for doing all things.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day!  I will probably not be sending out Christmas cards this year, but instead, sending an email, and of course updating the blog.  We are wishing everyone a joyous holiday season!

Isabella is so proud that she can now lift the cat.  I don't think he likes it though...LOL

This is our kitchen at the hotel.

This is our living room.

Wake up Drake!

Cory got a Nook for his birthday.

Our cute little tree.

Isabella and I before seeing Santa

Rye and I on our shopping day.

Cory and I getting ready to go see Burlesque...great movie too!

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