Wednesday, March 2, 2011

LIFE...Lessons to Learn

Do you ever go through your life wondering what you are suppose to be learning and if you have or ever will?  I often times reflect on my life as a journey or a puzzle.  Sometimes I find myself so excited about things that are happening that I can't contain my joy or enthusiasm.  I love the moment that the puzzle piece falls right into place.  The moment of truth is very enlightening to me.

I feel this past year my family and I have had many puzzle pieces fall into place. This next phase of our life is looking to be more exciting than we could have ever hoped it to be.  I sometimes feel that my puzzle is a mere 24 sections and at other times it feels like a 1000, with all of them in shades of black and white.

No matter the size of the piece or the quantity of the puzzle segments, I know that my life will be full of moments that teach me the lessons of my life.  My concern is, will I be awake and alert enough to notice these momentous events, exceptional people, acts of learning or will my heart and soul be some place else?

Through out this life I hope to be alert and in tune to those around me.  I know that it seems like change is our, The Watsons, middle name, but with change we are always learning.  We don't sit still.  We are engaging in our world.  We are reaching out to other cultures, other ideas and others (people).

Living for me, means change.  I believe that through change I stay fresh and alive.  The lessons in this life, for me, are learned with all types of ideas, inspiration, motivation and love.  I still have lots to learn.  I feel my life.  This feeling is what guides my actions.   These actions are what create the change in me, the sense of yearning to gain new ideas.

I have evolved and will continue to improve only because I want to.  Not because someone else is motivating me to do so.  I am the one with my hands on the steering wheel.  I have tools around me to help me get from point A to point B, no doubt about that.  Am I listening?  Am I seeking? Am I retaining this help?  These are the questions that will help me to learn the lessons that I am suppose to experience.

I don't believe that we are all the same.  What a boring life this would be if we all had the same ideas, same hopes and dreams..the same , the same, the same...BORING!  I am a different kind of person and you are too.  We are all unique and individual in our make up.  I think that every person  that has come into my life, wether they were of a good influence or not, has shaped me to be a better person.  I look forward to meeting unique persons that I can learn from, learn from their lessons of this life.  Listening, I enjoy doing this more and more every day.

My kids are great aides in helping me learn the lessons of this life.  My kids are not subjects.  They are not "mine" to do with them as I please. I don't "rule" over them.  We parent with them. They are active participants in their lives. We let them mold their own identities, they have 100% say in how they live their life.  Yes, we offer suggestions and guidance.  We parent from a stance of love and not fear.  There is a difference.  This is something that I have learned and I am grateful for this.

My kids motivate me and inspire me.  My family is of great importance to my journey.  This is why I am here.  It took me a while to learn this.  I know now.  This brings peace to my life.

Creating a better YOU is a lesson that can be learned if we open our eyes.  It takes time and dedication.  It involves change. It requires acceptance.  It may even require letting go.

My life is blessed. I am learning daily how to be a better ME.  I am focused on my family and our adventure.  With this in mind, things will fall into place.  Our life will be what we make it.  We will meet wonderful people, help those around us, seek after the love in this life and work hard to learn the lessons that EACH of us are here to learn together and individually.

Be at peace, find the things you love, make the change necessary for YOU to be the best that this life offers.  This journey is worth ALL that goes into making it unique.  ENJOY!

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