Sunday, March 6, 2011


This past week I went to the park with Isabella and met a man who was there with his son.  The little boy and Isabella hit it off and spent their time playing, jumping and being super was Batman and the other was a Princess Fairy Butterfly (can you guess who was who?...LOL)  It's kind of strange to be at a park and see two kids playing so well together, only after meeting a few seconds before their time of conquering the universe.

I sat on a few toys and he sat at a park bench.  I eventually made my way to the bench while checking on Isabella as she was jumping from the slide...some super hero's do not have the special power to fly and apparently she did not...YET....We immediately started a conversation and he turned out to be a very nice, FIRST time Dad. 

We chatted about his job, his wife, how long they lived in the area, local restaurants and entertainment. Then the questions about us get asked.  Very quickly I go through all of the "things" I could say. LIKE:

1.  We just moved here  (for a few weeks)
2.  We are on vacation (for a year)
3.  We live over there, no here, no everywhere (temporarily)
4.  We are aliens..just visiting Mother Earth and looking for samples and new DNA

Just Kidding, the last one I only use with really serious people.  It's funny to see their reactions.  

So, I further the conversation by explaining what we are doing.  He says to me, "I can't believe that I actually have met someone that has chosen to live this way."  REALLY? I am starting to think I should have used answer #4 from above, it seemed to him that I was an alien life form.  We continued to talk and of course all of the standard questions are asked:

1.  What about your kids?
2.  How do they do school?
3.  What about their social life?
4.  How do you make money?
5.  What about friends?

The list is too long, but you have all heard the questions before.  I go through and answer each one and I am always amazed at how people go from "what the heck" to "wow, that is exciting".   I love that we all have a different perspective as to how we are to live our lives and how that perspective can change when given the opportunity to listen to different ideas.  

Our perspective is unique.  I love that I have had this opportunity to spend it so intimately with my kids and husband in close quarters.   This experience will not be one that my kids will value until they have lived their lives and gained their own perspective on how life should be lead to them. How short our lives are and one year is tiny compared to 100.  Perspective is a gift, that we open slowly as time goes by and sometimes don't see the larger picture until events have passed us by.

I wonder how many peoples perspective would change if it were a case of Cory or I having a serious illness...We would suddenly be hailed as hero's because we got to spend the whole last year with our family, living our life to the fullest and focusing on what is important.  Why would it take a serious illness for the perspective of others to change?  It's never too late to live our lives to the fullest, make lasting memories and help form our kids perspective on what is important in this life.

It's all in how we see this life, use our time now and remain flexible enough to live our life in the moment.  I am grateful that I get to meet new people, share our experience, gain their perspective and take with me a sense of  friendship, if only for a moment.

It takes only a moment to be a friend to someone.  It takes only a moment to listen, share and learn.  I am grateful for the moments in my life that have given me my perspective.  ENJOY

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