Monday, August 16, 2010

This one's for Uncle Chris...takin care of the poo!

This is a subject that is stinky, icky and, at times, messy; but it must be done!  Our travel trailer has one black water and 2 gray water tanks.  Most of the time we are staying in a location that allows us to have water, electric and sewer.  These are the best places to stay for obvious reasons.  In Tatum, at the state park, they only offered water and electric.  This means that we have to "dump" the gray/black tanks. 

Our initial visit to Martin Creek State Park was to only last one week, but our stay lasted a second week.  We cannot go 2 weeks without dumping our "stuff".  We broke camp down, brought in the slide, hitched the trailer to the truck and headed to the dump station.  This is quite a hassle for a 15 minute job.  We were so grateful to the park ranger who saw us backing in the trailer and asked us if we wanted to borrow the portable "dump" tank.  WHAT...there is such a thing!!  We are learning new stuff everyday.

This was an interesting experience. Since the kids refused to use the bathroom at the park and only use the trailer, we insisted that they get to participate with the dirty dead of emptying the trailer.  You can tell from their faces that they were not too thrilled, but hey you do the get to play with the goo!!!!

Drake could not believe that we made him do this.
Since then we have agreed that we will be using the facilities at the park unless you are deathly ill or are under 4 years of age...Isabella has a hard time using the big potties.  These pictures document one of the rather "unmentionable" task of owning the trailer.

Someone was excited to help...she got to wear the "gloves"
 I think Cory was excited too.
Yes, it takes more than one person..thank goodness for teenagers!
Drake was asking why he needed to wear gloves, then the hose broke apart and he learned the "WHY" for himself.
It's a tough job but somebody has to do it!
Dump station sign
Porta Potty hooked to the truck...nobody wanted to walk through camp pulling
The final deposit!
Attaching the hose to the black water...BEWARE!!

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