Sunday, August 22, 2010

Arrived on Mustang Island, TX

Cory, Rye and Isabella on the Gulf of Mexico
Today was one of those fun times that you just hop in the truck and say "Where do you want to go?"  Honestly the freedom is addicting at times.  The beach has been on our to do list for some time and with Cory being unemployed (that is a whole other story...effective Friday, no severance or nothin!) we decided to head south and see what there was to offer.

Isabella being a crab..we did find some small hermit crabs, she loved that!
We went though Victoria and hit the bay.  This was nice but we really wanted real waves and lots of white sand.  SO, we kept driving south.   We did ask a few people along the way where they would go and to our surprise many of them don't go to the beach...really, you live at the beach...anyways...we ended up taking the ferry.  Now, if you know me really well, you know that my biggest fear is being trapped in a car under water.  So here we are in the truck ( I am sitting in the middle) and we get on this ferry with the trailer.  Immediately the kids start telling me that if we go under, to let the car fill completely full first, DON'T PANIC and then escape.  Does this sound like something I wanted to hear..I don't think so.  The ride lasted about 5 minutes and we exited the ferry.  I think I held my breath the entire time and my knuckles where white. 
Drake with his new skim board

Umm, where is the board?
I think my kids got their information from Myth Busters or something but they knew exactly what to do...I love this...DON'T PANIC...uhmm, yeah...right!!!!  This is the one nightmare that I have had since I was a kid and it terrifies me to no end.  I hope I can get off the island..LOL
Fun caught in action

We did finally make it to a state park.  We like the state parks because they are not as crowded.  Some of the parks here are literally side by side for 40 or 50 rv's per row...they hold about 400 rv's.  It's hard with a dog to be this close.  Anne either likes you or she does not, beware if she does not.  We just hate dealing with the barking.  We also like to take her to the beach or lake with us and some of the RV parks have a problem with this. The state parks do not and this is cool.
Can you tell by the smile that she is in having a great time.  Beautiful Rye!!

After setting up our site we had to go test the water.  We did not know what to expect on the beach or in the water.  To our pleasant surprise there was not any oil to be seen.  The sand went forever and the water was warm.  The park ranger did warn us against a few jelly fish, sting rays and a hard under current.  We also learned that there may be snakes in the grass...GREAT...I love snakes...NOT!!!!  Texas has way too many snakes.  Seriously, there are probably 20 different snakes and half of them are poisonous.
Rye and Ann living the dream

The kids are in heaven.  They have missed the beach and this is exactly what the doctor ordered for our family.  We loved Austin, but we needed a vacation from our vacation.  We are not sure where we will be next week but Cory has some options and we are taking each day as a gift and living it to the fullest.  He is still teaching a few days a week.  He is studying for a few test that he needs to take to become current with some new HP products and this will hopefully open up some doors for us. 
Paradise in Texas...the beach is 5 miles in each direction of white sand.

Are we stressed...NO WAY!  We have our health, our family and our guardian angels watching out for us.  Life is still good. 

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