Monday, August 16, 2010

Austin Ghost Tours

One of the things we told Rye we would do along the way was try and visit as many cryptozoology sites and haunted houses.  We were in luck because Austin has one of the top 10 Haunted tours in America. 
Cory and Rye on 6th street in Austin...bars and tattoo parlors galore.

We arrived at 8:30 on a Saturday night ready for some fun.  We were not disappointed.  We learned alot about the early history of Austin and we were able to visit some of the more haunted places down town.  Apparently Austin is quite the place to remain if you are dead.  We heard some pretty amazing stories and she had several pictures that past attendees had sent to her.  Our guide was recently featured on the biography channels Ghost Stories.  That was kind of cool.
Rye refused to be photographed with our tour guide, so we got this single shot with her name tag instead.

The heat was so intense...I think it was 102 at 10 O'clock at night...we were soaking wet by the time we walked around for 2 hours, but I would recommend it if you get a chance to visit Austin, TX.

Can you see us melting in the heat?
Monica, our tour guide, dressed in Victorian attire.
The Driskill hotel is the most haunted building in Austin, Monica says it has 19 regular spirits.
I loved this chandelier, this and another one are two of the originals from the 1800's.
The most haunted corner in Austin, the Driskill is across the street.
We passed this abandoned building and took some pictures, we captured one orb on the right.
I captured these two orbs at the old hospital, the very next picture had nothing.  One other person caught the same thing with his camera...Monica was pretty excited.  I sent this to her and they will analyze the image. 

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