Monday, August 30, 2010

Life at the Beach

Our time here is slowly coming to an end.  We will be leaving on Wednesday.  I know I sound repetitive BUT we have had a blast.  The beach is a wonderful place to escape to.  I don't know if I enjoy the sound of the waves or the wind more.  It must have a hypnotizing effect on our minds and body. 

Cory and I will miss our daily walks along the coast and afternoon swims with the kids.  Isabella is still talking about the night we had a fire by the sea.  Memories and experiences are gifts from God.  They sustain us during hard times, bring smiles to our faces in the wee hours and define some of who we are. 

One memory that I will never forget is the night Cory complained about something under his side of the air mattress.  If you know Cory, he has the patience of Job.  He had complained for three nights about a bump under his side.  If you know me, one of little patience, I finally said..just look under the @#$% mattress.  Well, you will never believe what he found...a bicycle helmet.  I was about 3 months pregnant with Isabella and my mood had been all over the place, I was pretty sick.  This is about 2 AM in the morning and I could not stop laughing.  Hard laughing!  Bob and Bonny were camping with us and wondered what was so funny.  I could not even speak because I was laughing so hard.  Needless to say Cory will never live this down. We still bring it up, especially if he complains about his back or neck hurting from his rest the night before.

Yeah, it sucks to be our dog sometimes.....LOL
Why am I telling you this?  Because my husband must have a huge tolerance for uncomfortable situations.  Last night we decided to go for a run on the beach.  Great!  We get ready, put our shoes on, grab the dog and head out.  About 400 feet from our trailer he stops and says he has something in his shoe.  Okay...a pebble, sand, toys, bicycle helmets (just kidding)...NO...a CRAB!!!  He had put his shoe on with a crab in it.  The crab was about 2 inches long and the body the size of a quarter.  I don't know about you, but if anything (princess and the pea coming to mind) and I mean ANYTHING is in my shoe I notice it immediately.  He shook his shoe into his hand and he laughed saying "you are not going to believe what is in my shoe"...if grossed me out!  A live crab, yuck. 

Anyways, these are two memories that I will not ever forget and thanks to some wonderful camping experiences we were able to live life.  As a family we have laughed so hard over the silliest things.  I want my kids to know that laughter is a key ingredient to the success of our time here on this earth.

I love the moment you do something and then something better happens.  I took Rye and Isabella to the Texas State Aquarium and as we crossed over the bridge they had a HUGE ship docked in the bay.  To me it was a ship (scary....another fear I have, yeah it's annoying being me sometimes) but, she immediately recognized it as the USS Lexington.  This is a huge deal in Rye World because it is haunted.  Some people get excited about seeing movie stars, my daughter gets excited about being near haunted buildings, ships and the supernatural.  Gotta love that girl!  The smile on her face was ear to ear.  If we did not have Isabella we would have probably ventured to take a tour, maybe next time.

The aquarium was fun.  The girls loved being up close to such big ocean wild life.  Rye and I both noticed how graceful the dolphins are when they are gathered together.  They get within inches of each others space and never touch.  We had a good time.

I can't tell just yet where we are going until a few more things are finalized but stay tuned.  I will post as soon as we know for sure!  I hope everyone is living their lives to the fullest!!
I said to Isabella "look there is a shark"..hence the blur, she immediately started backing up..too close for comfort I guess.
USS Lexington and Rye

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