Sunday, June 26, 2011

Living...Strawberries, Rock Bowls and Quilting

This past week has gone by so fast!  We have been having so much fun living in our area that life just seems to fly by.  This week Maggie had some work done on her and she got some new tires.  Cory did the work on the truck and we are grateful for his willingness to do that.  This is a lot of pictures but this will show you what we have been up to this week .  Yes, I did a lot of food this week.  For the recipes you need to visit by fan page on facebook at Simply Gourmet Photography or my cooking blog:

Isabella helped me with a shoot this week of some Italian Parsley flowers and this is what she did when we were done.  Threw them like a bridal bouquet.

I bought these from GW.  Love the red.

My favorite salad, Caprese.  the tomato was so cool...heirloom and full of ripples.  You can kind of see the edges of the tomato.

I make lots of bread at our house. 

This is my favorite.  It makes the best sandwiches and toast very nicely.  Served warm with honey..oh's good!

I made several soups with Ham.

My friend Natalia finished quilting my quilt.  Visit her blog at Piece N Quilt.  She is amazing!

I am participating in a block exchange and these are the blocks I designed..Santa.
..birds and holly...


...and finally, a tree.  Should be fun to have for Christmas.

I bought a fish bowl to put our treasures from the beach in.  We love the idea of having the out doors brought inside. 

I love the tatted doilies I found too.

I bought a turtle charm to live with the rocks.  Yes, we are that cool...LOL

I made a new recipe using coconut and good.


We went to the Farmer's Market in Severna Park, MD.

We played outside and the butterflies are everywhere.  This little guy was the perfect model.

 Our weeks are full but so much fun!  Enjoy this coming weekend!


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  1. Beautiful pictures! I just came from your food blog site... I really enjoyed looking at your pictures. And you have a beautiful family too. :-)