Saturday, July 2, 2011

LIVING...Beach, Kids and Our Little Princess

Our family has really enjoyed living by the beach.  We have made it a habit of going every day, usually in the evening.  This time is spent swimming, walking and searching.  Drake, Rye and I have taken up the hobby of finding sea glass.  It is quite addicting.  For me, it has a thrill of finding the "one" piece to add to your collection.  We find at least a baggie full everyday.  We find lots of clear and brown, so the "ones" are pink, purple, blue, green and yellow.  We got lucky on this trip and found some pastels.  You really can't tell what you have while walking on the beach.  It almost all looks brown or white. When we get home we spread out our find and start sorting.  It's a fun thing to do.  I recently learned that our town has a Sea Glass Association and lots of clubs, meetings and go-to spots.  It's a bigger deal here than we new.  Cory just laughs...sea glass? Really?  YES!

This is what one day looks like.

I love the triangle that we found, it would make a cool charm.

Our browns, from the day.
The pink, blue, green and yellow.  YAHOO!

Can you see his Irish, English and Scottish heritage?  I sure can...LOL

Isabella's desire to be a butterfly almost came true!

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Nothing like using you sister to dodge a ball that your older sister is trying to ping you with..LOL

I love their intent on watching Rye and trying to guess her next move.

ME, yes...I do let them take a picture of me once in a while.

This is funny.  We were at the beach, trying to take a picture and then all of a sudden this huge wave came and you can see Rye's face and Drake got soaked.

Look at Cory's reaction...nobody was expecting it.

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  1. Gorgeous blog and photography. Love the water hose playfulness shots! (Also the ham...) And your Caprese salad presentation is outstanding.

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