Sunday, September 5, 2010

Starting our 3rd month!

I cannot believe where all of the time has gone.  Life happens so fast.  This week has been filled with leaving the beach, arriving at our new destination and recovering from our journeys thus far.  We were in need of a vacation from our vacation.

As my family and I have traveled we've e seen many small and large cities, lots of cars and many more people.  It is interesting to me how all of these people are doing the same things in Tatum that people in Carlsbad and SLC are doing.  If I did not know better I could take this little town and assume I am in Oregon, Idaho or Montana.  It seems to me that we are creatures of habit.  We tend to do the same things no matter where we are in the US.  Even the entertainment is the same.  Theme parks, museums, zoos, etc...are offered in every big town.  Fairs, festivals, bazaars, etc...are found in many small towns. So I find myself looking for the unique things to do in each of the towns and cities we travel to.  Don't get me wrong, I love all of the things I mentioned before, but when you do those things once a year on your annual vacation they are new and exciting.  For my family, we do this week in and week out.  I can only do so many water parks, zoos and art museums before they loose their appeal, thrill and excitement. We may have the opportunity in the near future to travel back East.  I have already started researching our journey and the places we will stop and visit.  There is so much to do and not enough time!!  Again, I say...where has the time gone and where does it go?  LOL

On our quest to find fun things to do, special places to see and opportunities to help people we are constantly searching.  I wonder what that searching will create in my kids. Will they ever be okay with the "norm" again or will they need something bigger, better and more thrilling than what our everyday life will offer if they don't become active participants in creating their joy and happiness.  I know that life happens and in order to reach your goals you have to follow a certain path, especially when it comes to our education and careers.   Time is required to do and reach these goals.  But we all get to a period in our lives when we get the house, have the kids, find the job and then what?  I can honestly remember thinking when I was a kid that life stopped at 40 and your were officially old....WHAT THE CRAP WAS I THINKING..LOL

I think when you reach 40 you realize that, for some ,our lives are half way done, others maybe, that our lives are 3/4 done.  Then time becomes very precious to you again and you decide to  do things differently. In our situation, material things, became huge bags of luggage we were constantly carrying around.  We felt that the time had come for us to lighten our load, travel and rebond with our family.  In the course of all this we are realizing that time still quickly passes.  My goal is to live in the present, not worry about the future and definetly, not dwell on the past.  As with most things in this life, it is a constant act of trying to find balance in all things.

The kids have been sick this week and we have done very little other than watch movies.  The kids and I are reading Great Expectations together and listening to a wonderful lecture on CS Lewis and his writings.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

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  1. I completely agree that as you travel you don't always want to do the tourist stuff! I prefer to use an app on my phone that tells me what events are near me at all times. If you come east, we are staying in Charlotte for 2 months then I'm not sure. :)