Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Longest Week EVER!!! so far..LOL

Not only was I having one of those weeks, so was Isabella.  She really was not that hurt...but oh how a picture is worth a 1000 words...LOL
Well, the week that everyone has been waiting for has arrived. At one point it was all I could do to not run outside SCREAMING because of the boredom that we have felt.  To quote one of our favorite movies..."Don't leave me here! I'm in hillbilly HELL! My IQ is dropping by the second!"

This is some self expression.  She loves taking pictures of herself and apparently she is very proud that she can touch her nose with her tongue.

Yeah, that about sums it up, although my IQ was not ever in question of dropping...LOL  We are in the middle of nowhere.  The closest store is about 15 minutes away, and the next town is about 30 minutes away. You would think that would be good enough, but it's not.  The towns out here are very small and carry the bare minimums and you better not want to have to make a choice...there are not any.  The RV park we are staying in is nice, the people are nice, the pool is nice...but, I need variety.  I want to do something.  With that said we have had all had to entertain each other and ourselves.  Let me list the things that we have done and discovered:

Rye's eyes.

1. Rye felt the need to try makeup!  Yeah, it was a moment in a mother's life that you look forward to and it finally happens.  Let me explain, Rye is a self professed tomboy.  She never wanted to wear dresses, play with barbies and she has never been one to spend large amounts of time on her hair.  The few times we have done these things there was a whole lot of me begging and her saying NO.  Needless to say we have not had a ton of frilly girly nights.  It sounds like that is all about to change...we bought her some makeup and finger nail polish.  She looks beautiful without it but I know how fun it is to change your look once in a while and keep things fresh.  It was a fun moment for me!

2.  Rye shared with me that she immediately wants to fall asleep when she walks into two stores:  Quitling and Thrift stores.  WHAT...these are two of my favorite stores to go into.  I will live and I pretty much already new this, but it was a funny moment when she confessed this to me.

3. Drake has armpit hair!  Too much information, I know...but, hey...it's true.

4.  Drake is afraid to swim in the dark.

5.  We have started reading Great Expectations.  The is going to be the longest book we have ever read together.  It is taking all of our willpower to get through it, but we are determined.  Cory keeps telling us it will get better.  It better or we will all have to  come to the conclusion that those are moments in time we will never get back...LOL
What do you want to do? I don't know...What do you want to do?

6. Rye learned that she can watch Monster Quest on Netflix.

7.  My Uncle died and my Grandma found out she has cancer. This is sad, sad news...but it did contribute to my own feeling of wanting to escape and finding that their was no place to go. I am hoping to be able to go back to Oregon for a quick visit.

8.  Isabella's favorite words are "freakin...freaking...friggin"...HMMM we need to work on this one.

9.  I learned that I can spend a $100 on jewelry supplies and still come home and create NOTHING!!!  I am the worst when it comes to this craft and yet I continue to persevere...someday I think I will get better.  I need inspiration!!..LOL

10.  We listened to a lecture on CS Lewis.  It was very good and we felt edified by this event.  I was a little bit worried when I went into a huge book store and asked the clerk for a book by CS Lewis.  His response to me was: how do you spell that? and who is he?  (I am temporarily stupefied at this point).  I spell out his name.....C.....S......L...E...W...I...S and then I have to ask.. You really don't know who he is?..NOPE....Chronicles of Narnia? is this ringing any bells.....NOPE.  Ok, the store says they don't have any books by this author.  I am confused and go in search for myself.  To my remarkable surprise I found a whole shelf of his stuff.  I was not trying to be rude I was really concerned that this grown man that worked in a book store did not have a clue about one of the great authors.

11.  We found out that our dog can kick a pitbulls butt.  I told our neighbor that our dog is not friendly...multiple times.  Their dog runs free all over the park.  It took one time for Ann to escape out of our door and she was on the dog faster than bees on honey.  It was not a pretty sight to say the least and it irks me that people don't keep their pets on leashes.

Notice the barrettes in her hair, she is not feeling the love tonight!

12.  This is the best one, Isabella learned to swim!!!  We have all been working with her on this for a while and then out of the blue she took her jacket off and swam.  She was in the pool with Drake and he felt pretty awesome to have had that experience...SEE, I knew he loved his little sister...LOL

Well, I am sure there were a few more things along the way that happened to make this week one that I am sure I don't want to remember but hopefully chalk it up to some good and not so good opportunities to be introspective.  That is the worst for me.  If I am not busy doing something then I start to analyze ME...as my dear friends now this is enough to cause even the sanest person to go crazy!!...LOL  I have got to start running again.  Preferably running....not running from the trailer screaming...what would the neighbors think...LOL

We take lots of pictures and Drake likes to be expressive for the camera.  Nice look

Our truck has been in need of some TLC and it got it this weekend in the sum of about 1300 dollars.  WOW, but it does run better and that is what counts.  We are headed back to Austin.  We love it there.  The temperature is cooler, less humidity and Jared is there.

Dad...a few moments of quiet before Isabella finds him.

WARNING: THIS IS PREACHY!, Sorry it's been a hell of a long week and all of that introspective crap is hanging on a little too long. Despite what others feel, our road is the one less traveled, but who is to say that our reward will not be twice as gratifying when we finally get it.

Our life is different to say the least from what the average Joe is doing, we do not deny that fact at all, but it is OUR life.  Ours to make the choices we want, to lead it the way we feel, to learn on our own terms and to seek out the glory of God in our own way.  We will continue to love and support all of those people in our life who have chosen to follow different paths, journeys or destinies than ours.  Our family and friends mean the world to us. Living in this world is not easy and we all have "items" to work on.  Some of those are so easily recognizable and others are only known to a few.  As humans we base our opinions, judgments and others righteousness on the external. In my opinion (Sherron's) this is wrong. I feel that when it is all said and done, the external will be merely be a preface to a long, epic story.  The internal is where all the good stuff is.  I believe that so many of us are doing the best we can and that our desires are sometimes not seen to the naked eye.   We all want to feel uplifted, accepted and reminded that we are important.  I don't understand why others need to make themselves feel more righteous than someone else or pit people against each other in the hopes of bringing those people who are down(in their opinion)... up a notch.  Who is to judge whether they are down or up.  Lets remember to love our neighbor and find the mercy and charity among us.   In writing this I am trying my darnedest to do the same...but again, I will say it's hard to be human in a world that expects perfection at every turn of the road.   I will never understand how it all works with the do's and don'ts of this world...but, I will never give up trying to be who Heavenly Father created..a strong minded, independent woman who does not think inside the box. I know that there is a place for me somewhere in this world.

By the end of the week we are ready to move on to the next place.
This is what Drake has to endure when we have down time...lots of kisses from his sisters.


  1. Oh I completely understand! I found your blog via families on the road. We have been traveling with our jobs full time for 2.5 yrs and sometimes I find myself talking to the dogs! HA! It will get better!

  2. Sounds like lots of fun? The first part did anyway! Are you coming to Oregon? Its already November here...