Monday, June 20, 2011

LIVING...Father's Day

The kids and Dad...cute family!

What a perfect day we had.  Perfect?  YES.  The reason is that time seemed to slow down which allowed us to enjoy the day even longer.  We woke up early.  Cory was able to enjoy his day by reading, playing games, going to the beach, eating his favorite foods and spending time relaxing.  He works very hard and sometimes our weekends are sooooo busy that they are not enough time for him to rest and relax, until yesterday.

Cory loves Red Velvet Cake.  I found a perfect pancake recipe that was "oh, so delicious".  We could not get enough of them, thank goodness I made a double batch and we were able to squeeze a couple of "snacks" out of the left overs.

For dinner, he wanted his "little piece of heaven", what is this you ask...WELL, for Cory it is open-faced grilled cheese sandwiches with fresh tomato slices on top.  Our whole family loves this too.  He was happily stuffed by the end of the day..LOL

I loved this image of Cory playing on the Scrabble board, we have  a lot of fond memories playing this game.

We did venture to the beach for a short stay.  The whole time we just were so amazed that we lived so close to so much water.  It did start to rain which was okay.  We came home and played Scrabble.  We love word games and we often play on our phones together when we go places or even right before we go to bed.  The difference between playing a board game and the phone is that we did not have the dictionary built in...this was a bit of an adjustment at first.  We laughed at how technology has even changed the way that we play games in our family.  We really want to find someone to play Settlers with in our neighborhood.  We shall keep looking and asking...yes, we are game stalkers...LOL

Overall, the day was great for our family.  Cory is an awesome fella, Dad and companion.  It's hard to believe that we are going on 24 years of marriage.  He is still my best friend.  We have had a very blessed life with very few bumps along the way.  I am so lucky.  The kids are even luckier to have such a gentle soul as a father.  This year we made home made cards and the kids wrote such sweet memento's.  They love their Dad.

Cory's home made jerky.  Recipe can be found on FB at the Simply Gourmet Photography fan page.
I hope that all of the Father's had as special a day as we had.

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