Tuesday, April 5, 2011

LIFE...May 21, 2011 (who knew, not me)

I wonder if this date means anything to anyone else?  Yes, No? Hmmmm.  We had no idea the world is ending on this date until we went downtown this weekend.  Do I believe this? Absolutely not, but it seems that quite a few people do.  They were shouting this on several corners, handing out fliers and even had their van painted with the message.  Of course this was a joke with our family for a few days.  If something needed to be done, the answer would be "Why, the world is soon ending".  We were being funny, of course, but this got me thinking about several things.

If I had the chance to know in advance of my last day on earth, would I want to know? Would I want to know in advance of how things were going to end?  Would I tell anyone else of the day of my departure? What would I change about myself, my situation, my life?

I think that if given the chance to have this knowledge I would pass, but then you really don't know what you would do until you are in that situation.  I am such a planner and list maker, that maybe I would actually accomplish so much more.  I might actually become a better person if this information was readily available.  I might actually "live" knowing that I was soon to "die".  Which we are all going to die, but for each of us this date is always..later, when I am old, peacefully, etc...  We really don't have this information unless you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.  I wonder by then is it too late?  Too late to live, to love, to change, to be.....

I wonder if it would make me love more, judge less, be grateful for those around me, see life as a miracle...in essence, cherish every second, moment, hour.

This is just food for thought. Although I was moved by these people's passion for something that they said they read in the bible and believed whole heartedly.  For the life of Cory and I, we could not remember ever seeing this particular date written in the bible.

Life is so full of "what ifs" and "wonderment"and because I don't have this information, I then must choose to be those things I want to be and live my life to it's fullest with the full knowledge that I will some day leave this life.  I think of how blessed I am at this moment to know that we have loved and lived. Received and given.  Tried, failed and succeeded.   Travelled.  Too many things to list, but I do think of my life as a spectrum of joy, happiness and love.

I hope that we have many more years to learn, love, laugh and live.  This is just a simple and short thought but I do wonder about things like this.  It reminds me to live life to the fullest, love those around me,  to be grateful for simple things and to not ever forget that life is short, and sometimes we leave too soon.  We should all strive to make the most of the time we have on earth while we still have a breath of air left in our lungs.


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